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Royal Brunei Airlines
Qatar Airline

Flights from UK

Destination From Destination To Airline Total Amt. Incl. Taxes Book Now
London Heathrow Dubai Royal Brunei £500.70 Book Now
London Heathrow Dubai Royal Brunei £550.70 Book Now
London Heathrow Dubai Royal Brunei £600.70 Book Now
London Heathrow Dubai Royal Brunei £400.70 Book Now
London Heathrow Dubai Royal Brunei £575.70 Book Now

Book Tickets for Royal Brunei Airlines to Dubai for a Royal Experience

When it comes to flying to Dubai, another great choice in terms of airline carriers is the ‘Royal Brunei’. This is the flag carrier airlines of the Sultanate of Brunei. As its name suggests, it truly is a royal experience to fly in one of its aircrafts. Having a fleet of the latest Boeing and the Airbuses, this is an airline that lets you experience luxury, comfort, great services and valuable guidance throughout your journey. If you are planning to fly to Dubai, then choosing to book your flights for royal Brunei airlines is a great idea. With classes separately formulated for the business and the economy class travelers, each one can find the kind of equipments and sources of entertainment that can be required by you while travelling. Seats deploying to full beds, huge cabin space, larger pillow sizes, and a variety of delicacies are a few features that make this airlines a good reason to book flights for. We bring very affordable deals right here for all those who wish to book Royal Brunei airline tickets to Dubai at reasonable costs.

You may choose your preferred departure location from the list of cities above along with other required details and our highly efficient search engine will list the best possible Royal Brunei flight deals for you for travelling to Dubai city. There are popular departure cities like Edinburg, London Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester and New Castle to choose from. You may find numerous more departure cities in the flight search section above. As far as the meals, entertainment and other flight services are concerned, you are sure to be impressed with it once you board your flights to Dubai in one of its aircrafts. Seat back mounted personal screens offer entertainment throughout your flight with a huge variety of music, movie and gaming channels. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax throughout your flight period.

With these and many more worthy features, this airline is definitely a great choice to fly with. You may check the various flight deals listed here for this airline to Dubai yourself or you may even seek help of our travel team. You can also get your tickets customized for crafting a perfect deal for you, again with the expert guidance of our team. So, do not let these fantastic flight deals from Royal Brunei just pass away. Grab one for you now and get it booked right away for you.

Royal Brunei Airlines Formed in 1974 with an initial fleet of two aircraft, serving Singapore, Hong Kong, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, Royal Brunei Airlines now operates a fleet of 10 aircraft to 19 destinations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and NZ.Along with its modern fleet, Royal Brunei Airlines impresses travellers with world class in-flight services, though it is a Dry (non-alcoholic) airline.

The price at which a Royal Brunei Airlines flight ticket comes for is way lesser than the offers made by many other flights in its category. Brunei Darussalam and the United Kingdom agreed to allow more air services between the countries on 23 November 2007, enhancing the two countries' co-operation in the aviation sector. Royal Brunei Airlines is permitted to serve daily flights on routes between Bandar Seri Begawan and London without any restrictions regarding aircraft type and seat capacity